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When the mood comes I’ll do whatever that requires to be done. Depending on mood is such a fling. When I saw Irene posted on Facebook for hypnosis, I went in to see her for procrastination which I needed most. I’m so thankful that she saw me and the session was only for half an hour. Imagine it, just half an hour, it’s able to change a person’s mindset. When I reached home, I was like a busy bee doing what needed my attention and kicking my own ass. I am so grateful and appreciative of her and the session that worked well

Mei YM

Founder, TrashTheme

If you want to get rid of your worries in a calm and friendly environment, then I highly recommend Irene. Whether you’re fighting with addiction or you need to get rid of any form of anxiety or depression, she has the perfect solution for everything.


My 9 year old boy has had a phobia of spiders since he was 3 years old. Ever since he got scared by his older brother. Since then he has not been able to even walk into a room knowing there may be a spider in the room. Ever since the therapy with Irene, he’s now not scared of house spiders anymore but still scared of big hairy spiders. He used to run away from them, now he doesn’t run away from them. The last time he won’t even stand to look at a spider, now he doesn’t run away from small common house spiders anymore.

Marilyn Yen behalf of Liam

House maker

“I’m so glad that after our session, I really don’t crave food, sometimes I try to see if I’ll be able to tempt myself so I told myself there’s fruit cake in the fridge, no desire. I have also not been having rice or noodles ever since our session! I had 1 whole nan bread yesterday, and if mixed rice I just take the dishes and I can’t believe I resist myself from getting “small rice” .

Jessica Chong

Soap Entrepreneur

I had an awesome session with Irene. thanks so much for a fantastic session… looking forward to many more rounds!!! super and definitely recommended

Allan Yap

Founder of Just Heavenly

I had a great hypnotheraphy session with Irene. She has a very calming presence and really made me feel relaxed in the space. After the session I did notice i was more focused on my daily tasks as that was one of my goals from the session. Definitely recommend!

Lemon Kar

My hypnotherapy session with Irene was my first. It was a confidence boosting one to help me improve my self worth. Not tried any such therapy in the past, I had no idea how it would had felt like and Irene eased me into a very comfortable and reassuring manner.
I was seated in a lounge chair with half its back against a wall. For a first timer it was pretty difficult to focus and I found my mind shifting between being in reality and what is known as trance. After I closed my eyes I felt the chair I was sat in spinning very gently. Soon I couldn’t feel my hands from wrist onwards.
During the session tears were also shed, streaming down my cheeks and to my chest uncontrollably. I later learned that in reality I did not shed a single drop. It was then I realized it was my soul that wept.
Post therapy I do feel a lift in my spirit an I do find my view and perception of myself less harsh and less judging. There is a lot of work to be done for healing for myself and I’d definitely consider this therapy to find reconciliation, closure and healing.


Cheryl W