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Guide for NLP training

  • Be Brave
  • Be Fearless
  • Be Free

Learn how to effectively communicate, the skills to build rapport with others and how to shift your negative emotions into a positive one quickly and effectively, how to stand up confidently during presentation.

This is a 7 days NLP Course. It is design to give you the best experience during the NLP training.

Why would you want to attend the training?

  • Have you ever talked yourself out of a decision because you think you’re not good enough?
  • Or if you see that everyone else around you is better than you?
  • Maybe there’s a phobia that’s been stopping you from reaching your potential
  • Is there a goal that you aim for but never seem to get there?
  • Or you find yourself just leaving things for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes
  • Have you ever wondered when you’re sitting with your friend or potential business colleague, why their eyes move around when they are speaking

What you will learn in the training:

  • That gets rid of your limiting belief
  • Build rapport with anyone else
  • Learn how individuals access information
  • How to relate better in accordance through communication
  • How to achieve your goal and gain clarity

What can I expect to learn in the course

  • Learn how to build rapport
  • Learn to utilize different communication styles and the ability to spot predicates in another’s language
  • Improve your observation skills
  • Learn how to anchor positive emotions for yourself and for others
  • Learn Milton Model language which is the basis of hypnosis
  • Learn how to overcome internal conflict
  • Learn to let go of negative emotions for yourself and for others
  • Learn how to structure your presentation to engage all learning styles
  • Be a certified NLP practitioner through American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Practitioner Training Date

Date July 7-13 2019
VenueMALAYSIA, Kuala Lumpur