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What is Weight Change Paradigm™?

Weight change paradigm is not about losing weight. Losing weight is not exactly correct. Let’s fact it, each of us are built different, where one person’s weight for a 163cm person in general is perhaps 50kg – 54kg. But another person with that height and weight will look too thin, too gaunt. This is how in general the public has been brainwashed into ideal weight, how we should look, how thin we should be. All these by the influence of style magazines.

Our muscles weigh more then fat and it is our muscle that burns our fat. In fact the more muscles we have, the more we burn, the more we burn. So you may be heavier then your ideal weight, but that is the weight of your muscles not fat. We need our muscles to function optimally because it is the muscles that moves our bodies not the fat deposited in the body. You may find sometimes, your weight increases after going for training in a gym. That is because you are building your muscle mass and not fat. So looking at the weighing machine is not as accurate as many would think. It does not tell you how much muscle you have in your body..just weight which means, fat, muscle and water.


Weight change paradigm has been used in the UK for the past 9 years and it has a very high success rate and it is only recently being introduced into Asia.

This works equally well for those who are trying to gain weight and those who are trying to lose weight.

We fully understand that we are the last resort after trying dieting that didn’t work, supplements with no significant results and enrolling into a weight change program that did turn out in the long run.

Weight change paradigm is so effective that you probably be wondering why didn’t you come to us first.

Ask yourself, what is it worth to have your ideal weight / shape? How would you feel?

YOU are the most important person. YOU are the only one who can make that change. We would love the opportunity to be able to re-create YOU.

How weight change paradigm came about.

Weight change paradigm was founded by a Master Trainer in the UK utilising advance NLP & Time Line Therapy to eliminate root cause of the weight problem.

Using Time Line Therapy and NLP in a targeted way, he could help clients change the way they are thinking without dieting.

This works for both, those trying to gain weight as well as lose weight.

The process for this would take 2 days. After the completion of the 2 days, there will be follow up coaching to re-adjust any minor changes that is needed.